Thursday, January 20, 2011

Easy peasy websockets with node.js and

With our Web Sockets incubator we had a rough start on Atmosphere grinding through the samples. There is no intention to bash Atmosphere, it looks like an interesting approach. However, it should be a lesson to all aspiring framework builders out there: getting your samples in top shape matters a lot. This week we tried out and I wasn't too hopeful as I had planned all kinds of things throughout the evening. The result of a 40 minute pairing session with Sonny Gill was pretty good and I'll share the basic highlights here in a very short post.

First we installed node.js and used npm to install Next we moved on to create a simple app that exposes a socket on the server. Finally we created a client that opens a socket and sends some test string over the wire.

The code you can find on github as usual: All in all it is less than 50 lines of javascript and html and it simply works as expected. Not bad for less than an hour of fiddling! In our next session we'll look into the possibilities of streaming video over Web Sockets, or maybe we will look at another framework to see if it performs any more interesting magic tricks. That's all for now, stay tuned!

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